Services Status Information

infoIGNITE Activity Banner: Currently all systems are fully operational! Feel free to check any of our system statuses listed below if you experience any issues along the way.

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This page is to keep our clients up to date on the ‘status’ of all our core services (e.g. Ignite, Rackspace Cloud Sites, Constant Contact, etc). You can use the links below to view the system statuses for each service, giving you a good summary and in some cases up to the minute reports if an issue arises and it’s either a) handled by Auction Services directly or b) handled by the vendor(s) directly.

  1. Ignite:
    uptime monitor

  2. Rackspace (Cloud Sites & VPS systems):

  3. Rackspace (Email services):

  4. Amazon (Web services):

  5. Google Apps (Email services):

  6. Constant Contact (Email Campaign system):

  7. The Internet’s overall ‘Health’ (Black/Red/Yellow sectors represent issues with the ISPs, meaning ‘in transit’ and all repairs to these type of issues are handled by companies like Verizon, Sprint, Cox Communications etc because by nature they are the highest level of issues that can cause issues for anyone/everyone on the internet):

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