When it comes to your website, you’re always on the lookout for fresh, new content that can be used to attract people to your site. Generally, more visitors means more bidders will show up at your auctions. For that reason, it’s essential for you as an auctioneer to know how to grow your audience. To help, we’ve compiled a few of the newest content creation ideas that can help you tweak your site and increase the number of visitors you have every day.

Idea #1: Check out the newest keyword tools that are available to you

Anyone who has a website understands the importance of using the right keywords in their content in order to rank higher in search engines. However, you might not realize that there are more keyword tools available to you now than ever before. For example, take the Ubersuggest tool for starters. This one can give you some fresh ideas for keywords that you probably hadn’t thought about using in the past. When you implement some new keywords, you might just see a new influx of visitors.

Idea #2: Build upon your success from the past

Looking back on your older blog posts and other content, can you identify the ones that were the most successful? Chances are you can pinpoint two or three of them, so take those old posts and write a few follow up posts. The topics are already chosen for you, and you probably have more information to share with your readers than you did then.

Idea #3: Contact leaders in the auction industry and interview them for a blog post

If you’re good at networking, you probably know others in the auction industry who have been very successful at what they do. Even if you don’t, it’s fairly easy to contact someone for an interview. The interview itself doesn’t have to be long, and even fifteen minutes can give you some great material that you can use to create a few blog posts for your website. The content is fresh, and because it highlights an industry leader, it’s relevant too.

Perhaps you’ve thought about having an auction website, but you’re not sure where to begin. You’ve come to the right place, and it’s our pleasure to get you started on the right track. For more information on how we can help you get your own online site, please contact us today.