Once you have an established website, your job is to keep it maintained, but also make adjustments or additions when necessary to avoid falling behind on web design trends and SEO changes.

Auctioneer websites that do not receive such love are likely to fall behind in the search engines, and this is what you want to avoid as this will lower your organic exposure, which can give you a lot of business.

Prioritize Written Content
While it is perfectly okay to post images, videos, and infographics on your website, you do not want to forget the all-important written content as it is the driving force of your keyword rankings.

For instance, along with writing content for auctions or blog posts with auction tips, you can include descriptions of the images or videos you post, which add content that search engines can read.

Use Photos to Your Advantage
Including photos with your posts is essential to increasing your success rate in taking your online visitors and getting them to actually come to your auctions. High-quality photos are more impressive, but they are also easier to share on social media, which can lead to additional exposure.

If you auction homes, people may share photos of their “dream home” that you are auctioning off in the near future, and this action creates an external link pointing to your website. Additionally, you get the exposure from the persons’ friends list, which is another form of exposure that can bring success.

Fill Keywords in the Right Places
When you are working on your website, you want your keyword usage to be as natural as possible. However, placing your keywords in the most opportune places will also help you get the best results, such as posting the keywords in the title, within the subheadings, or even in photo alt tags.

Most importantly, you want to create as much content as possible.

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