When you create a website for your business, you want to make sure you give people what they want to see. However, it can be difficult to determine exactly what people are interested in seeing. With this in mind, you are best off trying to create the most complete website possible.

There is one thing that you should prioritize with your website, and it is not just showing past auctions, but keeping them on your website for your visitors to look at when they please.

Gain Trust and Credibility
When an individual visits your website for the first time, never having heard of your business before, they will often look for signs of credibility and reasons to trust your business and services. An effective way to accomplish this is with past auctions as it shows you have had consistent sellers and bidders in the past.

Demonstrate Quality of Work
If a person or company is looking to auction off something of theirs, they are going to look at the past auctions to determine the quality of work that they can expected if they choose your business.

Thorough descriptions, professional-quality photos, and providing several contact methods are all details that make your services more tempting to use. It is also beneficial when these details are packaged together with a professional-looking website in both appearance and navigation.

Show That You Are Active
Bidders and sellers will only be interested in active auctioneers. If you delete all of your past auctions as soon as they are completed, your visitors may not be able to determine your activity level. Creating uncertainties with your visitors might turn them off from selling with you or participating in auctions.

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