Barfield Auctions

When you are considering selling real estate, timber, or equipment let Barfield Auction, Inc. be of assistance.  Our firm is unique, as we possess the ability to offer several marketing technique options, which is to ensure that your property will gain maximum exposure for the quickest sale possible, a fair market price, and a broad base of qualified potential buyers.  The ability to offer several marketing techniques allows our firm to tailor our plans to meet your specific needs and determine which method of sale is most effective for each property  in order to obtain the optimum revenue while minimizing the marketing time period to obtain the most effective and efficient manner for each project.

Barfield Auctions, Inc. is comprised of the most experienced real estate auction professionals and Realtors in the Southeastern United States.  We have the expertise backed by hundreds of successful real estate transactions to complete your project successfully.  No other company can offer you the experience that we have in real estate disposition through our marketing plans.