In regards to technical terms and trends, it is easy to feel as though you are perpetually playing catch-up. Forget about every year – every month it seems like there is a new buzzword or something you must do in order to be successful. We get it. We do. So today we’re going to break it down a bit by focusing on one aspect: website creation.


In this blog, we will briefly discuss the three main components that go into website creation: development, domain name, and hosting. While we will be focusing on development, it is important to consider the other two components as well. After that we’ll show you how Auction Services can simplify this process for all you auctioneers out there.


Domain Name


A domain name is a visual identifier for what is called an IP address. It’s  an “addressing construct.” You can use it to find and identify computers on the Internet (i.e., you type a website address into a browser). All that a domain does is simply act as the stand-in for the IP address.  Since IP addresses are generally long, the domain name was created because it’s a bit easier for people to remember. For example, vs. the long string of numbers that is its IP address.


Believe it or not, having your own domain name is not 100% necessary for the website creation process. Many services allow users to create their own websites and pages. These services then host your site on their server. However, as a professional auctioneer, you run the risk of doing yourself a great disservice by not purchasing your own domain. If you do not have your own domain, you must stick with whatever host you chose when you created your website. Having your own domain allows you to transfer your website whenever you want, wherever you want. Therefore, it makes website creation in the future easier as well.


Web Hosting

Ah, web hosting. Unlike domain names, you absolutely need web hosting for your website creation process. Think of it as the house where you and your possessions reside. That house has a physical presence in a defined geographical region. You can use your house’s address to have mail delivered, to give to friends so they can visit you, and to showcase all of your possessions. Hosting services give your website, and all the content in it, a place to reside on the internet.


Site hosting is offered by a variety of service providers. These providers offer data centers that store the servers where your website will be hosted. Costs start as low as $3 and go up from there. There are four main types of hosting services out there:

  • Shared (least expensive; all hosted sites usually share computer resources),
  • Virtual Private Server (a.k.a, VPS; it’s slightly more secure than shared but also more expensive),
  • Dedicated (your website is the only site on the server),
  • and Cloud Hosting (multiple servers share the burden of hosting the sites; this helps with speed and hosting large files of information).




Finally, we come to the development portion of the website creation process. This is easily the most confusing part as it requires the most technical know-how. However, without developing a website, you certainly can’t market your business online!


There are essentially two ways to develop a website: traditonal development and website builders that have WYSIWYG editors. Traditional development involves coding and building the website yourself, so it is not recommended for beginners. Website building software puts relatively simple tools in the hands of beginners so they can do it themselves. As always, there are advantages and and disadvantages to each option.


Traditional coding allows for the greatest customization. In general, it will result in a smaller website file since it is not bloated with pre-packaged plugins. Instead, it has exactly what you want. It is also easier for experienced coders to troubleshoot and resolve any issues that may occur.


Website builders are an all-in-one design package. They allow you to create and manage your site without the need for in-depth technical know-how. Additionally, they have added plug-ins and extensions for your benefit. They also offer pre-loaded code that allow you to use a “What You See is What You Get” editor wherein you can visually make changes (versus having to use code only, like traditional development).

And then there’s Auction Services….


A long time ago, we decided that the best way to help an auctioneer is to listen to their specific needs and desires, come up with a concept or three, and then take care of all the back-end technical work. As an auctioneer, we understand that you are already dealing with a business with multiple moving parts! Why add one more piece when you can contract the work out?


So, how exactly do we make your life easier? Well, we start by implementing a mix of the above options that we just discussed. Specifically, we use WordPress to build your site. Then we vary its capabilities based on your desires, technical skillset, and budget.


We like WordPress because in our minds, it’s a perfect marriage of WYSIWYG and traditional editors. Our experienced developers are able to create a customized website to suit your needs. They can do this by going in and adding custom code, child themes, and directly editing the style.css file. They’ll register your domain name for you. They’ll take care of selecting the best web hosting service provider for your needs.


At the same time, when the process is done, and we hand over the website to you, it’s easy for you to use. When you log into the back-end of your website, you’ll already be presented with pages that are customizable based on your specific preferences. You’ll be able to use the WYSIWYG editor in order to see changes as they happen.


Best of all, since our packages include your own domain name, you have full ownership of a registered domain that can be used with any hosting service!  Since you’ll own your domain, you can take it to any server you want. This means that you have exclusive ownership of every piece of content on your site. What peace of mind to have complete control over your online presence!


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